CIA Endorsed ‘Not Torture Honest’

If this time last year you had asked me which two British male solo indie pop starts most did my head in I would have first pointed out that we don’t do negative on this blog. Once you applied those CIA endorsed ‘not torture honest’ techniques I would then have caved in and said Jack Penate and Jamie T.

Well you’ll already know how much I’ve seen the Penate Light over the last few moments and the road to Damascus is about to veer in the JT direction now too it would seem. JAMIE T’s new track ‘Sticks and Stones’ in in my humble opinion rather fabulous, brap brap brap as they say on the avenues.

The definition of what’s new has never been more blurred than in these digital days. So acknowledging that those in the know have been loving this for a while, but that the major release is still to come, lets give a heads up to the poptastic Funk Hop of MASTER SHORTIE. If the weather delivers this summer ‘Dead End’ could become one of our anthems of 2009.

No danger of penetrating the Top 40 and all the more awesome, beat endowed and out and out HUGE for it is the new MAJOR LAZER project. The baby of production legends Diplo and Switch its a big ask to pck out a fav, I always trust your opinion and via the democratic vehicle that is myspace plays you are saying ‘Hold THe Line‘. Personally tink ur wrong, its all about ‘Lazer Boom1‘!

nml x