Clean Filth

I luv the dirty driving urban filth that is SODA BOY’s ‘Cha Cha Cha’. Not quite sure how to describe it other than that, it’s kinda housey, kinda hiphop-y, kinda electro-y. In other wise a very unique track and that’s kinda (I’m using that word a lot!) why I like it.

Speaking of dirty filth (can you get clean filth??) I also heard on Mista Jam’s show lots of tracks that have been featured on Brand Nu recently but also one more new one. You just have to say the COUNT and SINDEN have made a track and I’m all over it without even hearing it so high and consistent is their standard, tell me they’ve made a DnB tune and I’m transported to some extra dimension of musical largeness. Check out ‘Fool In Love’.

Total hand brake away from the world of Urban music and I really like the new track from PATRICK & EUGENE. I heard ‘Don’t Stop’ at a gig last night and thought it sounded ace.

nml x


SODA 1h37 into

COUNT 2h3 into