Cleopatra – Coming at ya!

A real urban vibe to this weekend, I even got out my uni hoodie in a vain attempt to look ghetto whilst clearly being a scrawny white kid trying to be a gangsta who’s nearest ever interaction with a weapon was his older brothers Supersoaker, one of the really big one’s mind (it did have one pimp-esque application though, great for creating that wet t-shirt effect if you get my drift).


Predictably I am very excited about all the new KANYE WEST material being leaked left, right and online before the album’s release on Sep 10th but I have yet to hear anything better than our new number one record Stronger. People seem excited about the J-Zay tribute ‘Brother’ which once I finished puking to I did quite enjoy but for me after Stronger so far it’s all about ‘Champion‘.

As blasphemous as this might sound none of the new Kanye yet heard touches on the randomness I found on uTube. There is a bit of history with Black music for genres and even individual tunes that spawn new forms of dance, to give you an idea if you never have do check out Dave LaChapelle’s film Rize which chronicles the evolution (note how I avoided the word rise there) of Krump in LA, best described as a gymnast having a fit in time to hiphop beats. White culture does this too of course, Euro-Pop has a similar propensity to spawn dances but Causian influenced pop music seems to give rise to cultural devastations such as the Macarana and Whigfields’s Saturday Night, I think I know which I’d rather watch. But hey the Irish did represent for the Europeans and create Riverdance!

Anywho the track getting me all hot under the collar is QQ’s – ‘Stukie’. The video quality is lame and I’ve really struggled to find a decent audio file on the net but you get the musical vibe a ok from the video and this has break through pop craze sensation written all over it. I’m hoping to hear this at Carnival next week almost as much as I’m praying for it to be sunny. And we’ll need to enjoy it while it lasts cause this has the potential to cross over and get musically and athletically abused by your boss dancing very badly at the Xmas party 2007. Check it here

Ooh and another very funky urban tune that just might make it into the charts is a solo offering from a young lady who in previous guise made such chart raids on more than one occassion. Ex of Cleopatra the new CLEO track ‘Feelin Like This’ is really good dance floor fair and can be checked out right here

House wise my musical house highlight this week was definitely DAVE LAMBERT – ‘Love Is The Answer’

Ta for now

nml x