Cocky Aussies

‘Parlez Vous Francais’ is a totally ace piece of punky indie destined to fill the dancefloors of indie discos both sides of the channel and either side of the planet. Credit Aussie’s ART VS SCIENCE as the musical geniuses behind this modjo-tastic track. A track so swagger-tastic you can almost tell its made by (justifiably) cocky Aussies.

Don’t normally mention covers on Brand Nu but THE LOST FINGERs version of dance anthem ‘Pump Up The Jam’ is very amusing. Think Mike Flowers Pops does techno for a barn dance and ya kinda get the idea.

I know I’m in a real danger of blowing up this blog post thru superlatives overload but I’d rather risk death than fail to do justice to the laidback disco brilliance of the HEY CHAMP Remix of Priors and their track ‘What You Need’. Do not question, do not argue, just listen. Awesome track. Jamiroquai should talk to these guys bout his next album!

Nml x