Constabulary Totty

Ok time to confront a serious Brand Nu ommision, how oh how have I not yet got around to telling ya about the new JAY Z track? To be fair you know your stuff so you’re probably already all over ‘Jockin J Zay’ in which case why didn’t ya remind me to remind you?!

On the urban vibe another track I’ve been meaning to mention, as much for its humor as its melodic quality is LIL WAYNE going on about pulling a female copper in ‘Mrs Officer’. Makes me smile.. as well as blush. Why don’t I ever get pulled over by such constabulary totty?

Away from the urban vibes heard a really blissful track listening again to Rob Da Bank’s Sunday show on Radio One. The POPULAR COMPUTER REMIX of Pacific’s ‘Sunset Boulevard’ has a real Beach Boys vibe to it – 2008 style of course.

nml x


J Zay

Lil Wayne

Pacific 32mins in