Country And Western Influences???

Music just doesn’t get any bigger, more massive, more HUGE than the new MR FLASH tune. He’s got 2b French cause he just totally nails that big chuncky Daft Punk/ Justice sound but with both tongue and (most bizarrely) Country N Western influences in cheek. ‘Motorcycle Man’ is quite simply HUMONGOUS!

Speaking of Humongousity endowed tuneage how’s about CHIDDY BANG getting on REMIX duties of UK star of the moment Ellie Goulding. Their version of ‘Under The Sheets’ is insane (yes I’m in a rather excitable mood this arvo).

On a very different vibe but none the less magnificent or huge in its own fabulous blissed out dubby way what a tune from Ranking Records. ‘Jibber’ by an artist called RUCKSPIN is an on-the-money piece of tuneage mashing up broken beats and dubstep in a very 5am after party kinda way. Love it.




MR FLASH: 52mins in