Covert Chemicals and Team Yahweh

I remember the  days when even  as a teenager I thought GREENDAY where a bit far out and revolutionary, in fact its not so long back that I was commending the message (if only just about tolerating the melody) of ‘American Idiot’ but boys, boys, boys doing the soundtrack for a Rupert Murdoch film??? But hey its new and it is for Homer and Co.

Have got quite a random range of tracks I’d like to share with you this afternoon actually. And random is the only word I can use for the new CHEMICAL BROTHERS track ‘The Salmon Dance’, its very different and therefore you have the unusual experience of not realising its them, normally I can spy a Chem’s track quicker than reduced price flapjacks in the out-of-date rack at tescos but this is covert Chem’s and I like it in a very quirky way.

From electronic dance music to Gospel which you’re probably gathering by now I am quite keen on even though I am in no way God Squad/ Allah Patrol/ Team Yahweh let me make that clear.  My Gospel pick this week is the incredibly uplifting DARLENE MCCOY and ‘I Wanna Thank You’, I know the sun has actually made a rare appearance this week but when it buggers off again this will bring it back for you metaphorically.

Other tracks to catch my attention this week include the new UNDERGROUND HEROS track ‘Alright Darling’, the latest Skint release METAL ON METAL ‘ No Front Teeth’  and an incredibly tasty (I know I’ve never eaten a cd either but its the lingo) remix of the already long ago mentioned up-coming CALVIN HARRIS release. The MR OZIO mix of ‘Merrymaking At My Place’ is a fantastic piece of squelchy house music JUSTICE Style in fact I thought it was them at first. This is the track I’ll be using to haul my ass out of bed tomorrow mornig when the snooze button goes into overdrive.