Daniel Craig

I like the james bond soundtrack  vibe about the soulful hiphop track ‘Angelz’ by DOOM. This is a big, big track that would honour any Daniel Craig opening

With ESLAM JAWADD and ‘Pivot Widdit’ we are keeping things hip-hoppy but instead of big strings and lashings of melancholy we’re bringing the funk back, a really good party track for any DJ struggling with his dancefloor (not that that ever happens to me of course err)

How bout some indie luv? DETROIT SOCIAL CLUB have been getting plenty of luv and quite rightly so. An almost Liam-Esque vocal rides nicely over track ‘Sunshine People’ which sounds like the track Oasis would have made if actually around in the 60s as opposed to imaging they were.




DOOM http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/gillespeterson/

DETROIT www.myspace.com/detroitsocialclub