Dark and Incredible Dubby Thing vs Mozartavianly

Heard a totally dark and incredible dubby thing over the weekend which I can find nothing on online. So I shall furnish thee with the details and wish you better luck than I tracking it down (if it turns out to be whack I blame the distorting effect on my senses of an amazinly bassy system). Check out the BREAKBEAT Mix of Artwork’s ‘Red’ tis big so it is.

From dark to slick, fluffy pop I heard a radio station that shares its name conceptually with naughty sailors playing this leaked JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE track that the ‘professional’ (I use that word VERY losely) stations ain’t and its really very good… if you like slick pop music. Tis called ‘Magic’.

Uplifitng Indie anthm of the weekend was without a doubt the Mozartavianly (you’ll have picked up by now I’m more than partial to a made up word or three) massive and orchestral ‘Suffragette Suffragtte’ by my new fav band (at least for the next 7.8 hours) EVERYTHING EVERYTHING. Check them bad boys (and girls) out my friend.

nml x

PS On behalf of myself I would like to apologise for the ridiculous over use of brackets in todays post (I never learn).


RED – You need to frequent dark and dingy club nights with phat bass.

JT – You need to listen to dodgy radio stations housed in dark and dingy basements… with phat bass.

EVERYTHING – Check out JK on listen again just after midnight http://www.xfm.co.uk/onair/shows/xposure-playlist