Delightful Darling!

Often with Bootlegs I find myself passing verdict before I have even heard the track, so it was with C.I.T.Y. Vs DISCOTECH MASH UP of Stardust vs Justice ‘Music Sounds Better With Your Friends’, what an inspired combo! Amazed no one has put these two French anthems together before.

Keeping it dancey been forgetting to mention the MSTKRFT Remix of John Legend which sounded so large in the car out in the sun last week. A made for driving track when the sun next re-appears you need ‘Heart Breaker’ in your world. Zane’s been caning it and rightly so.

Musical handbrake from the beats to the summer fayre cheer of JONQUIL’s new song ‘Fighting Smiles’. They are out on tour at the mo and myself and no doubt lots of others will be catching this delightful (naff-ish word I know but apt!) song live soon.

Nml x