Dems, Gallery 47 and Kid Sister

DEMS has been getting a lot of love from people I respect a lot (as you can see via the quotes accompanying the link below). Its funny when so and so that you like, loath, love whatever it is recommends a track how that effects not just the likelihood of you listening but also your enjoyment of it. ‘Bandcamp’ is a broken beats influenced piece of dubby indie – IndieStep if you will, that’s well worth a listen at the very least for its ability to expand your musical horizons.

GALLERY 47 at times have a similar melancholy laden vibe as DEMS but there the comparisons end. G47 is a classic singer, song writer. No beats, no dub just pure vocal and nifty guitar. ‘Otherwise’ is the track that more than any other highlights just how talented this guy is, has the potential to go all the way.

Before we feel like throwing ourselves off a bridge going to up the tempo for me last pick from the weekend just gone. KID SISTER doing her thing with CARTE BLANCHE on an up-beat electro-light (such a horrific term I know but so spot on) dance track called ‘Do, Do ,Do‘ that was one of my highlights of the days just gone. Sounds great through the right speakers.