Detboi, Cee-Lo and Efterklang

My Dubstep track of the week (had I even heard of Dubstep when I started this blog??) has gotta be what my sources tell me is a piece of Celtic-Step being as it is an Irish produced Dub track, albeit with a massive African flavour (have no fear they’re no cheesy riverdance vibes to this aka that Steve Mac Watsit House track from a while back).

Check DETBOI’s ‘Voice In Heaven’ Tis MASSIV.

Even though I don’t swear much myself I’ve always loved tracks that throw out a few gratuitous Fucks left, right and centre, perhaps it’s the chance to be naugty by association without the risk of getting told off by me biology teacher. So courtesy of his lyrics CEE-LO was always on to a winner, backing ‘Fuck You’ up with an uplifting, Souful Funk superstar of a melody you have a true champ in the eyes of my adoring ears (does that make any sense?).

Have you heard of EFTERKLANG yet? Efter-who? Good question. Random name, random band, intriguing sounds. Check ‘Raincoats’, there’s a hint of melancholic Super Furry Animals bout it (prob find out now its Gruff-watsits latest project, man I’m a such guru of these things).