Did the earth move for you?

Been all about the groove for me over the last couple of days, crikey I’ve been getting on down so much I almost thought I was in the middle of an Earthquake last night. But of course this is England and things like that don’t happen around these parts do they?

Amidst the battle of the groove the soul has been taking on the darkside and things are close, this is no Hollywood Blockbuster there is a real chance the darkness will win through. How can you argue with the sound of THE TAPE VS RQM? Dubbby, funky, blacker than the darkest chocolate you can imagine and just as seductive. The CHRIS DE LUCA G WHISTLE MIX of LUVELY kicks in about ten minutes into another astonishing sonic experience that is the Mary Ann Hobbes show on radio uno.

The second piece of musical Kryptonite brought into my life by Mary last night was PEVERELIST ‘Infinity Is Now‘. It has a driving edge that is kinda technoey whilst simultaneously being ridden by a load of broken beats and other squelchy-lite sounds. Peverse. Fab.

Leading the fightback for milk chocolate fans in this musical battle of Good vs Evil is JAMIE LIDELL, his new track is a top-notch piece of up-tempo happy soul that would sound as perfect warming up a miserable winters day (part of its fundamental duties in this battle of Good vs Evil) as it would on a sunny beach. Tis called Little Bit of Feel Good‘ and its on Warp Records.

Joining Jamie in the warm, fluffy, non-violent but determined charge against Dark and Evil Soul is MARBERT ROCEL. ‘TicTicTac‘ is soft and gentle whilst still holding a substantial groove and definitely carry a touch of Police-esque ‘message in a bottle’ vibes.

nml x