Dirty Intoxicated Rockers

Ain’t got the foggiest who PETER VISTY is but my has he created a sweet piece of House Music (or it certainly feels like that when it’s as sunny as it is today). ‘Yes Maam All Night Long’ is the sort track made for sunset that will get even the dirtiest of rockers on the nearest podium/ sun lounger depending on their current level of intoxication.

Now the album is hitting the streets there are loads of new TODDLA T gems springing up all over the place. My latest fav (cause you know I’m a fan always changing my mind) is (and you know this is going to change soon) ‘Road Trip’, a truly unique piece of brand new music. Basically thought you should buy the album or at least check the myspace.

FLAMBOYANT BELLA are one of my favourite new artist discoveries, they have that musical modjo about their music that I so love, can’t put your finer on what it is exactly but its defo there. Get over the Kate Nash comparisons on the female vocals and enjoy ‘Crazy Cool’ and ‘Absolutely Wankered’ whilst your parents listen in disgust (and fear!).

Nml x


TOD http://www.myspace.com/toddlat

BEL http://www.myspace.com/flamboyantbella