Disco Shoes

There is little I like more than when the 2cool for skool indie kidz in the corner get their groove on which means I’m destined to continue feeling all sorts of bizarre passionate sensations in the direction of Aussies ACID JACKS. I am particularly drawn to their new track ‘Disco Shoes‘. If you’re a breast man or any eye girl this is the Acid Jacks equivalent. Sure they’re fit all round but the sonic equivalent of pert breasts/ nice eyes seals the deal!

CADENCE WEAPON is an interesting Canadian chap with similar rebellious indie but groovy inclinations, he’s got a whole load of very diverse tunes with ‘In Search Of The Youth Crew’ being the stand-out track for me. I implore you to check him out, especially if you’re in south london as he’s playing on your door step – the Amersham Arms in New Cross tomorrow.

nml x