DJ Rashad, Willow Smith and French Horn Rebellion

DJ RASHAD’s ‘Its Not Rite’ is a bit of a tune. Dubby but not steppy (more broken beats really) this track has really caught the attention of my right ear drum, I’m sure the left will catch up eventually.

WILLOW SMITH is apparently only ten which listening to her totally sick track I’m struggling to believe, listening to its insanely catchy loop and slick production I can however believe the other rumour – that’s she Jiggy Will Smith’s baba. ‘Whip My Hair’ is a big track, the first of many over many years from this young artist me suspects.

On the catchy vibe (but free of any annoyingly talented ten year olds) gotta give a mention to the new tune from FRENCH HORN REBELLION. If you’re familiar with the band you’ll know how they do their half indie band, half funk troupe thing, ‘This Moment’ is them at their very best – in me humbles.