DJing with myself

After DJing myself on Sat (where clearly I didn’t discover any new music cause I was picking the tunes and obviously I could only pick from tunes I already knew I had unless I suddenly became Pete Tong (which I didn’t) and therefore loads of clubbers started bombarding me with tunes mid-set) I ended up at an Old Skool night where I did indeed hear several tunes for the first ever time but sadly the fact they were all at least a decade old does rather rule them out of a Brand Nu mention leaving a clear run for Nu Music track of the weekend…

Without doubt the new track from RONI SIZE. Possibly just like you Roni introduced me to the world of DnB which creates an emotional attachment to his work that may well be clouding my objectivity but I gotta tell ya I think his new tune ‘Share The Fall’ is massive, in a classically understated Size way. Its got a classic Roni vibe but is definitely up to speed too.

Heard this rumored collab between DIZZIE RASCAL and CALVIN HARRIS for the first time and its definitely interesting. Not convinced Calvin is really a vocalist, I feel he should let his music and MC of choice to the talking/ rapping/ mcing etc. I think ‘Dance With Me’ will grow on us but could have grabbed me even quicker if Dizzie had exclusive mike duties.

The track that on sheer audio-tasticness ran Roni very close losing out simply because it is a remix and therefore not a totally original peace of work is a very brave/ stupid remix of the Laurent Garnier classic ‘Man With a Red Face’ by (I think) MARK KNIGHT.

Nml x