Doing Nu Rave’s Spin Doctor Down A Dark Alley

Big up to Zane Lowe for reminding me to bring to your attention to a track I heard Fabio and Grooverider play two weeks back (well actually only one of them but who ever knows which one is which? In my mind they morphed into one individual with some urban style double barrel action going on surname-wise). If you liked High Contrast’s Racing Green anywhere near as much as I did you’ll love the girlie vocal DnB vibe that is JOHNNY L – ‘Oh Yeah’. Mr Fabio-Grooverider is clearly discovering his metrosexual side although I’m not sure I’d make that observation to him in person.

Away from girlie to dirty down the back of a dark alley ho’ness is another Zane find (not Zane himself may I point out). People often go on about minimal house and techno well I think I’ve just heard my first minimal hiphop track. Stripped down to the bare essentials but with more than an element of Eve – Tambourine about it in terms of its energy and funk is the awesome LIL MAMA – ‘Lipgloss’. It has all the characteristics you want in a good hiphop record.. its dirty, it’s funky, full of raw energy and there isn’t a guest rap from 50 Cent in sight. This is the sort of track that converts you to forms of music you ain’t previously enjoyed, check it.


Staying down the back of that dark alley but now getting it on behind the Chinese take-away bins is a track brought to my attention by Jon Hilcock on Xposure. At which point may I say this guy has done a stunning job covering Jon Kennedy. His passion, knowledge and eloquence about new music is humbling and I can’t believe Xfm have sent him his p45… radio stations of the world get your arse to Camden’s job centre and give this man a job! Back to the music…

CHOW NASTY – ‘Ungawa’ is a top notch example of that genre that annoys you so much, Nu-Rave or should that be ‘the genre formally known as Nu-Rave’ (dya reckon it could get itself represented by a squiggle Prince style? I quite like the idea of music genre’s having their own consciousness and organising themselves into groups to represent themselves and then sort out their branding like this. Hey nu-rave could even get itself a spin doctor to stop it being so misunderstood, but does that make the Klaxons Tony Blair??) Either way it is awesome and you can check their myspace to hear yourself right here

laterz u