Don’t Be Seduced Boys

What a blissful piece of New Music AEROPLANE’s ‘Caramellas‘ is. Heard it over the weekend and then on Rob Da Bank, really is the perfect tune when the sun is shining like it has been recently, also dangerously seductive in a romantic way so boys avoid… yes you might get laid but you might also end up being tricked into buying a ring if you get my drift?

I also caught on Rob’s first show the latest piece of magic from the Moshi Moshi label. Highlighting to me the really fine line that is being Number One and simply being played by RDB at one in the morning… I really don’t hear a massive difference between current chart favs (and Brand Nu early doors pick) The Ting Tings and TILLY AND THE WALL. I really like their very catchy tune ‘Beat Control’.

A tune I’ve been meaning to mention has now almost embarassed me into mentioning it through the goodwill and genorisity of its owner. ESSER is giving away his fabulous track ‘Headlock’ for free and I just felt you being able to share in this New Music bonanza was more important than my pride about whether this was within the Brand Nu rules.

For the more anal of you I’m taking my cue from Dan Le Sac vs Scrobius Pip who did a free download thing last Xmas of ‘Letter to God from Man’ and then released conventionally this summer. Using that convention your honor I plead that Esser is still upfront Brand Nu Music!

nml x


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