Don’t Forget The Soulful, Thoughtful, Political Roots of HipHop

Normally I listen to Eddy Temple Morris on Friday’s before I head out but this BH weekend I found myself listening to Semtex on 1Xtra.. Fuck me what amazing tunes this man has in his cd wallet. The half hour I was listening I heard nothing but bliss including three outstanding tracks.

Starting off with an artist I’d never even heard of. Semtex is predicting big things for the very Eminem sounding ASHER ROTH and on the basis of the fabulously laid back ‘I Love College’ I aint going to argue.

Next up is ICE CUBE  –and the musically laid back but lyrically in your face groove of ‘Why Me?’. With the way PopHop has evolved its easy to forget the soulful, thoughtful, political roots of HipHop.

You’re probably seeing something of pattern developing here, yes I love funk and when its combined with soul I’m Star Trak-Style transported to another dimension of musical bliss. And third time around it was once again ASHER ROTH, this time a track called ‘Lounge’, I’m very excited about hearing this dudes album.

Awesome, awesome tuneage. Seriously one of the best hours of HipHop I have heard this year, respect is due in the most considerable volume to Sir DJ Semtex.

nml x


COLLEGE 1h13 in

CUBE 1h23 in

LOUNGE 1h34 in

PS PAPOOSE ‘Myspace Gangsters, Youtube Thugs’ is also hot but on a very different vibe to the three blissed out tracks above