Don’t swear at Lewis Hamilton’s Tyres Gordon Brown

You know that annoying sensation when you’ve been hearing a track out and about? You can’t nail down exactly what it is no matter how much you stalk the dj or bust ur fon bill on Shazam? Well I enjoyed the feeling of relief you experience when you finally find out what the track is aka when you finally get to pee after you’ve been busting for ages!

SE SA – ‘Like This, Like That’ is the track that in a very favourable way I am comparing with taking a piss. Its a true piece of infectiously funky house quite like Calibria and its awesome sax before they put that annoying Destination Unknown vocal over it. Destined to be all over 1Xtra this tune.

Speaking of 1Xtra keep forgetting to mention another little funky house number I’ve caught on there a few times by the name of ‘Tell Me’ by DJ NG. Its got that whole driving bassline vibe about it that should get even the shiftiest too cool to dance kidz boogieing ; 0 )

Totally not on a House Music vibe but something else that might well sneak on to 1Xtra some day (if it hasn’t already at 3am somewhere) is RAW LINX – ‘Arrested For Swearing’. This is one of those quirky bits of hiphop of which I am so fond, anything that makes you dance and laugh is a good look for me : 0 )

nml x


Random Note (s)

Lewis Hamilton was surely robbed by tampered with tires and what did the coach but in the England rugby teams tea cause I want some for next weekend?!

On the geeky vibe I found it amusing that Pakistan peeps gets all this grief for arranging their elections in an unfair way whilst our top man is allowed to choose when we vote based on when he thinks he can win. Democracy in action eh? And they wondered why young people are cynical and don’t bother voting.

Rant OVER!