Shakira on Brand Nu?!

Let me be totally clear it is on the Pacha label so of course it’s not what you might think, let me add into the mix (if you’ll forgive the pun) that a remix courtesy of FEMI B and LEGGZ totally transforms the track so yeh I don’t mind admitting that I like the new SHAKIRA record, there you go I said it. It is called ‘Las De Le Inuition’.

Had a great weekend (did you?) and not just because I rediscovered my long lost love of South American pop divas, lots of dancing and plenty of new music. Aside from Shakira the most shocking new music discovery for me was a remix of WILDCHILD’s ‘Renegade Master’ that I actually liked.

It’s one of those classics we’ve mentioned before that you have to be very brave to take on but unlike Cafe Del Mar or Born Slippy many have and predictably failed so welcome stage left DOOM and HOODRAT. No idea who they are but they have pulled off a proper filthy mix of the great track, finally a proper electro version to do justice to a track that gets into a lot of peeps Top 10s.


Course one of the challenges of being out on the town as opposed to online traipsing obsecure internet radio stations (yes radio stations what else would I be checking online at 4am?) is actually finding out what the tracks are. Most of the time I do my bit for new music society, leave the dancefloor and pester the dj to find out the tune but this weekend I just wanted to dance so I must admit I let the side down a bit when it comes to putting names to the beats.

I hope you can forgive me and maybe this video which I accidentally stumbled across when I wasn’t checking porn honest will help that forgiveness process. Its the video to the Stukie song I keep going on about and it turns out the artist is just 12 years old!! Please pass over the obvious sick jokes and check this funny vid, I really think this could chart