Drunken, Sultry Dubstep Plus Big Dinosaurs

I think it was Xfm’s John Kennedy who first introduced me to the band name genius of TOTALLY ENORMOUS EXTINCT DINOSAURS, just like the greatest artist name ever. Originally I connected with the name more than the music but that is changing for sure, the ‘changing deal’ has been sealed by ‘Garden’.

I thought Mr Ronson’s ‘Toxic’ cover was pretty clever. Well how about 16 BIT’s dubstep reworking of Yael Naim’s version of the Britney track. Absolutely off the radar for me, drunken, sultry dubstep at it barely able to stand up best. Love this.

Like you always had plenty of love for the KLAXONS, like you been getting increasing nervous about new material what with rumours of descent, dumped albums and a new folk-ish direction. But you know what? I think dumping an album is a good thing. It shows an artist cares, it shows that you aren’t too far up your arse to realise something just ain’t right. I think ‘Flashover’ is pretty good, do you?




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