Dual Heritage Musical Mafia

I always get confused by the Double Entendre of House music’s supposed Swedish Mafia.. their names sound a lot more Italian than they do Swedish! What is beyond refute is the production prowess of ANGELLO and INGROSSO and their latest track might even be bigger than Swedish comrade (or should that cosa nostra gangland rival?) Axwell’s recent ‘I Found You’ effort, you need to experience ‘Bodycrash’ on a dancefloor ASAP, it will complete your weekend.

SUPERGRASS were one of my favourite bands when I was a wee nipper so there may be some subconscious (actually its pretty damn overt and conscious if I’m honest) bias creeping in when I say that their new track ‘Diamond Hoo Ha Man‘ is a total stormer leaving me almost moist with anticipation about their new album, and you can download for the single from their MySpace for free! : 0 )

Enjoyed my favourite kind of new music week over the last seven days actually… a really diverse one. The Swedish mafia got me dancing, SuperG got me reminiscing and the DJ BILKS BOMBAY MIX of DIZZIE RASCAL’s ‘Jus a Rascal’ got me dancing, laughing and wondering… namely who is this crazy fool that comes up with such musical madness? Great track.

nml x