Edwyn Collins, Caspa, Hudson and Mister E

EDWYN COLLINS has been through a lot, the joy and trauma of one-hit wonderville through to near death experiences. What doesn’t get ya makes ya stronger and all that and the musical proof is hear in the form of ‘Losing Sleep’.

We chatted about the immenseness of CASPA’s ‘Back For The First Time’ back in early May well now that immenseness (and associated chart potential) has been noticed and the inevitable vocal laden on top. Courtesy of Mr HUDSON this is a top ten record for sure maybe even dubstep’s first number one if they hype it and time it right.

Generally stay clearer of cover versions then young children should stay of Gary Glitter’s house but when the original is totally transformed in such a glorious way then I can be tempted, so is this case with MISTER E and ‘Seven Nation Army’. All this said whilst I’m loving this there will be White Stripe fans who feel similar about this as mum’s do bout Mr Glitter.




EDWYN: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwGfsToWgAM

CASPA: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUMvpgIEZB8&feature=PlayList&p=8E8726FD1D4562BD&playnext=1&index=17

MISTER E: http://hypem.com/track/1137828/Mister+E+-+Seven+Nation+Army+The+White+Stripes+Cover+