Estelle Naked vs DnB in the Charts

A very enjoyable weekend still affecting the productivity of my week a tad if you get my drift? Hence only just getting round to chatting with ya now, please do forgive me.

Two stand out tracks from my weekend, both officially on the urban tip I guess but to me they just stand out for their energy, I guess you could say they have an aura. You know like when you meet some one who doesn’t necessarily look that fit yet you find yourself drawn to them nonetheless imagining what they’d look like without any clothes? No? That would just be me then.

I have to admit I’d be honoured to stand naked with ESTELLE as I think she is quite hot in a feisty way and from what I’ve heard of her new album that idea isn’t going to become any less compelling in the near future. Stand out track by a millions miles though is not the new single but a track called ‘Shine’,  it is awesome.

As is the latest piece of musical brilliance from TC and SUB FOCUS who’s ‘Borrowed Time‘ is exactly the sort of massive, grimey DnB that I keep think might just cross over to the charts. Now stop your scoffing right there… who would have thought a few years ago all this electro malarky would be all over the charts? You never, never know, we live in a world so twisted the twins from Big Brother chart so why not DnB?

nml x



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