There can be a hint of eau de patronise in the air anytime a man uses the word feisty to describe a female vocal. Cross my heart and hope to die I’ve checked both my dictionary and thesaurus to confirm it is the appropriate word for ‘Make A Man’ by ESTRONS. Now let’s use a few other words hanging round patronising on the thesaurus page… ’spunky’, ‘hot tempered’ and ‘full of prep’ (ole chap). It’s fooking ace is what it is mate.

’Spunky’, ‘hot tempered’ and ‘full of prep’ are all apt linguistic combinations for throwing in the direction of the wondrous sounding AND wondrously named CABBAGE.  Even better the track that first caught my ears attention is called ‘Kevin’, this is a band that nevers stops giving.  ‘Kevin’ is the lead track on (fondles for that thesaurus again, desperately seeking an alternative to wondrous) a glorious EP chocka with pieces of music blessed with brilliant names such as ‘Dinner Lady’ and ‘Contactless Payment’. Musically this band is raucous, lyrically they are as vicious as a Sleaford Mod and as witty as a Mod or (Miss C) Barnett, together they have created my most joyous discovery of 2016 so far. I salute Radio X’s John Kennedy for the heads up.

‘Backseat Driver’ by Taffy is another boisterous piece of writing lyrically, sonically it’s a 21st century Shampoo (the duo, not the hair cleaning fluid). Fuse those lyrics with that sound and together you create a unique piece of ear worm Quirk Pop with heaps of sass and oodles of oo er missus.