Eurovision – I like’d the pirates!

The thing I do like about Eurovision is it does really show how wonderfully diverse music is whilst simultaneously showing some uncanny similarities across multiple time zones, in the case of Eurovision how a nice lady can prop up nearly any track (Hello Ukraine!) and the fondness for comedy choices as your country’s representative. As if anyone could beat Ireland’s singing turkey you just had to love Latvia’s singing pirates (yes I did just say singing pirates) and indeed the UK did give them loadsa points (not sure we got any back though!).

And there is always nearly one good song. Pop-wise gotta say I thought Andy Watsit’s effort wasn’t too bad (in stark contrast to the whole of Eastern Europe) but for me it was all about our age-old naval adversaries France and Spain. Comedy-wise Spain win by a mile x2 thanks to the blokes hair and dancing. Song-wise SEBASTIAN TILLIER’s effort was top-notch, a really sultry, laid back piece of dancey pop, I’d almost buy ‘Divine’, I said almost!

I wonder if PRIMAL SCREAM would ever consider Eurovision? Probably not but its going to take an artist of that magnitude to ever turn things around for the UK. One of the most consistent performers I think we have ever produced look like they might be about to do it again. Heard their new single over the weekend and ‘Can’t Go Back’ bodes well for the arrival of new album ‘Beautiful’ in late July.

Speaking of long performing bands, not quite in PS’s camp yet but definitely worth a mention cause apart from anything I keep forgetting them… the new ELBOW track ‘One Day Like This’ is another cracker. Normally when artists start hosting radio shows its a sign that they’ve passed it and wanna move onto other things, clearly not with Guy.

If you hadn’t already had an incling to the diversity of my bank holiday weekend (how was yours btw?) let me seal the deal by recommending the new ALICA KEY’s song ‘Teenage Love Affair’. Chilled out funky soul is prob the most apt description, I think this is a really great track although I am baised as I think Alicia’s voice is amazing, I love seeing singers actualy playing (and in her case totally mastering) instrument as well as voice and yes I also think she’s really fit. A done deal all told.

nml x