Facial Hair vs Funk

I love how different the two tracks I most want to share with you from my weekend are. COOLY G’s ‘Love Dub’ is one of the most blissed out, chilled out pieces of New Music I have heard in 2009, factor some sunshine in and you’re in New Music Utopia.

On a totally different vibe but just as special to my ears is the TEDDYBEARS Remix of the Bee Gees (yes you read that right the Bee Gees) and their seminal disco record ‘Stayin Alive’. I know you don’t wanna believe me but it’s awesome! Check it out pronto amigo.

Now please don’t feel like sloppy thirds BENIN CITY. I’m really feeling your beats,  particularly this track ‘Work’. I’m just not yet aware of your fabulous facial hair hence the understandable Bee Gees priority, irony being your track is arguably even funkier than that disco classic.

Nml x


COOL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8OCuvvWkJbU

TEDDY http://www.rollogrady.com/rollo-grady-friday-into-saturday-15-2/

CITY www.myspace.com/wearebenincity