Fairground Disco Indie – You’re Lovely You Are

AIR FRANCE track ‘No Excuses’ is a very fluffy piece of music, really can’t think of any more appropriate word to describe it. The musical equivalent of a big piece of candy floss with just the right level of sugar and I think I even caught a fairground mention in the lyrics. Worth a try if you are game for some Fairground Disco Indie.

Another track with fluff potential but I’d probably go down the out and out lovely route with this one is the new track from TWO DOOR CINEMA CLUB who I would love to catch out live on the road (as in at a gig not on the middle of a motorway). ‘Something Good Can Work really stands out as a catchy, grandma’s homemade cookies piece of Indie Fluff. More than a musical hint of ‘girl next door’ about this too if you prefer that metaphor.

Now normally moving from all this musical loveliness and fluffiness to DnB would require a major musical handbrake turn but not ‘quite as so’ with this, dare I say, lovely piece of Liquid DnB from CRYSTAL CLEAR & NETSKY. ‘King Of The Stars’  is (as unusual and potential inappropriate for DnB as this may sound) a really lovely piece of DnB

Nml x


AIR http://www.myspace.com/theairfrance

CINEMA  www.myspace.com/twodoorcinemaclub 

CRYSTAL http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nvpL4Q7ww0Q