Look, it’s a great pop song, that simple. I know there’s a fair chance you’ll be choking on your cornflakes reading this but ‘Love Is All I Got’ by FEED ME & CRYSTAL FIGHTERS is a great popular music track, and very 2012 whilst also being slightly timeless (yes I realise what a contradiction that is, why do you think I write a blog? No ed to tell me off).

As the Nottingham music scene continues to get hyped further and further more and more artists come out of the Sherwood Woods to justify that hype. I first mentioned DOG IS DEAD and JAKE BUGG to you literally years ago, GEORGIE ROSE is the artist I’d like to highlight today. It’s the easy, lazy comment but there really is more than a hint of a female Bugg about her. A distinctive but timeless (there I go contradicting myself again and in exactly the same way as earlier!) voice, she’s only been writing songs about a year so is in that stage where nearly every song is better than the last, which is exciting when they’re already this good. The session will let you sample two tracks including personal fav ‘River’.

I have an increasing amount of love in my heart and inner left ear lobe for TNGHT. I loved Bugg’N or however it was spelt and I’m feeling just as lustful for ‘Higher Ground’. This is a big, phat (yes ‘ph’) slab of ‘brass-powered’ Hip-Hop (what ya mean you’re not familiar with that well known sub-genre ‘Brass-Hop’?). There is quite a Dub vibe about it too but compared to the musical innovation of Bugg’N this is actually pretty unabashedly shameless about being a straight out and out Hip-Hop (sorry Brass-Hop) track. A Big tune.

FEED ME & CRYSTAL FIGHTERS: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DepfFy2hXUs
GEORGIE ROSE: http://www.nusic.org.uk/wordpress/future-session-18-48-%E2%80%93-georgie-rose/
TNGHT: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HzyUHxmkg0