Feel Good Monkeys

Humble apologies to both you and THE KABEEDIES who’s excellant about to be released single ‘Lover’s Ought To’ I keep very lamely forgetting to mention.

Giles Peterson started this week’s show with a really funky tune (as if that is news). Perhaps more unusually (and exciting for you and me) is that this down-tempo piece of funk (but with an up-tempo vocal/ rap) is available for free download from their website, see below to get your hands on MEDESKI, MARTIN AND WOOD – ‘Let’s Go Everywhere’.

Speaking of ‘big tunes starting Radio One shows’ checking out Bobby and Nihal on listen again earlier I found them up to exactly the same sort of musical shenanigans as Mr P (I guess there could be something in this starting with a massive tune thing).

Their record of choice was a scratch-tastic tune which I was certain was going to be from RED but in actually fact was by an artist called MONKEY PLAYER (which I guess could be RED monkeying about, hhrrr). To be more exact ‘Kidda’ sounds like the IVF love child of RED fathered anonomously by the sperm of one Chemical Brother.

Finally you know by now I’m an absolute sucker for any tune name dropping Brand Nu, its somthing of an orgasmic bonus when it happens to be both authentically Brand New and good. So big up to NU BRAND FLEX and the very groovy (does anyone actually use that word anymore?) and very Poignantly named ‘I Feel So Good’. Must confess I’m unsure whether its quite so poignant for me to have used the word ‘authentically’ as the track is a cover/ bootleg of The Gorilla!

nml x