Female Of The Species vs Too Many Men

So many tunes still to share with ya from the last week, lets start on a rare note of humility.

You know how I always give it some when I find some incredible act that have had like 4.7 plays on MySpace, well this next act have had a few more and its accurateto say I’m a bit late on the scene, but to be fair they are from the other side of the planet!

EMPIRE OF THE SUN have a real, big accessible melodic sound that means we aint just talking about something for the trainspotters here, these could really cross over. Which might explain the 3.5 MILLION (!!!) plays the awesome ‘WalkingOn A Dream’ has had.

Not quite as populer in the world of online (yet) is the ridiculous ‘Too Many Men‘. A totally choatic and raw piece of MCing magic that is as catchy as it is frenzied. AS raw as it is the resonant vibe of the rap together with that catchyness might just help this track cross over too. I think BOY BETTER KNOW are the collective behind it.

Speaking of ridiculous by far the most random new track I have heard in 2009 is a collab featuring one of 2008’s biggest success stories. With the help of SWIZZ BEATS LIL WAYNE has only gone and sampled britpop anthem ‘Female Of The Species’ to create one of the wierdest urban tracs I have ever heard (was going to say this year but realised that didn’t really mean much!).

Weird is good, or at least that’s what mum always used to tell me




EMPIRE http://www.myspace.com/empireofthesunsound

2 MANY http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=Gbq1eOlHhvw

SPECIES http://www.bbc.co.uk/1xtra/mistajam/tracklist_tue.shtml