Fergie, Lord Lucan and Austrian Basements

Still digesting all the goodies I discovered over the weekend (translation = crawling the internet for copies). One highlight was a DAN LE SAC vs SCROOBIUS PIP album track, a highlight cemented by their appearance last night on my favourite feature in UK radio… Xfm and JonKennedy’s Album Playback. The album ANGLES is out next week and judging by the ace ‘Tommy Cooper’ every track will be as sharp and amusing as the original monster Thou Shalt.

I found out the ansa to a question this weekend that I’m sure had been troubling you as much as it had me… what has happened to FERGIE? Not the urban diva but the Irish one ex of Radio One. A big dance music name he had done a Lord Lucan (wonder if he’d been canoeing?) yet it would appear he’s been in a basement (of the non-Austrian variety) teaching himself to produce. The first result I’ve heard (‘Break Out’) is promising.

Now back to the funk a really nice piece of disco which sounded great in the Sunday sun is ‘Glass Candy’ by ITALIANS DO IT BETTER, dya think this is a reference to the world-renowned ability of Italian football team defences?

nml x