Fisher Price Electro

THE DO’s ‘On My Shoulders‘ is a truly blissful piece of indie pop, if Barbie’s cooler older sister was Mancunian and into Indie her band would make tracks like this but its not my favouritiest (don’t ya luv my mastery of grammar?) beautiful track this week. That badly spelt title goes to the new PORTISHEAD track, it’s called ‘Strangers‘ and it’s ace.

As is Colin Murray’s tune of the week by SCHWAB called ‘The Mole Man‘, lovin the work of the man who valiantly tried to get Malcolm Middleton to Xmas number one (he got to about 23 by the way).

House wise my fav discovery this week (after the James Bond madness from Monday of course) is a piece of vinyl from an artist called HOSTAGE. Its driving, dirty electro as you might expect from a name like that but the thing that really makes ‘Stab Up‘ stand out is a slightly poppy almost amateurish vibe to it (I mean that in a complimentary way, its unique and endearing) which makes it sound like the sort of electro a production unit would make if manufactured by Fisher Price…. ladies and gentlemen you heard of this new genre first… Fisher Price Electro!

nml x