Fit Sisters

When you find a band you really like and they’ve had less than a 100 plays on their MySpace you get kinda excited that you’re onto something early joining a very exclusive club of New Music disciples porbably mainly populated by mums, sisters and girldfriends. Well here’s hoping the VAGABONDS have fit sisters cause I’ll be getting to one of their gigs as soon as I can no matter how far I have to travel, I can tell ‘Jump Yeah How High’ will sound ace live.

RAPHAEL SAADIQ’s ‘Love That Girl’ is a fabulous example of a piece of New Music that could have been made in 1960s Detroit, I’m telling ya this is 21st Century Motown. Clearly not the most challenging or innovative piece of New Music you’ll ever hear just really, really nice which I hope doesn’t sound patronising in a ‘I love you like a brother’ kinda way.

Speaking of loving brothers (hey I could be on the radio with linkings like this!) the first bits of New OASIS material are leaking out, so often a disappointing experience this decade, the CHEMICAL BROTHERS remix I have heard of ‘Falling Down’ leaves me confused. It’s ace which is obviously a fabulous thing but when the first piece of a band’s new material that you hear is a remix it does leave you wondering about the quality of the original a bit don’t ya reckon? Ahh who cares this mix is fab!

Still deciding if wanna mention the new BLOC PARTY record.

nml x