This ‘Back Then’ track by FORMATION is banging, absolutely banging. Already a serious contender for track of the year in my head. They’re a band, and the sound is that of a band BUT, and it’s a big but, there is a real Chicago House feel to it. This is no guitars-meets-glowsticks-Klaxons-in-the-mid-naughties style Indie-Rave, this is, and I know it’s an odd word to use – ‘classier’ than that. An absolute gem of sonic classiness, groove laden (not groovey, important distinction), urgent and full of cow bells (always a winner). Building and building and building like your acceleration in the final straight of a 5k run as the endorphin-tastic euphoria slays your lactic acid pain as you surge to the line realising the girl you’re trying to impress is there to see you, to see you being this incredible athletic man. Sex is guaranteed to result.

Just as classy, but on a  very different vibe, is ‘Lose It’ by OH WONDER. This is a beautiful song, with almost a touch of Air about it (I said almost). The effect of the song is to chill but I would hesitate to call it a chill out song. At full pelt there’s quite an energy to it, and even a wee dram of funk, the best description of it is probably that it’s a really ‘nice’ song. But we all know how distorted that word is now thanks to the millions of brothers who’ve been sacrificed on the altar of love for being too ‘nice’.

Keeping the unusual musical theme of ‘classy’ going, DAUDI MATSIKO appears a class act – musically, vocally and as a human being. Velvet vocals, touching melodies and in conversation a lovely person. His music makes you feel warm and safe, a musical hot water bottle, until you listen closer to the lyrics and realise all is not quite as fluffy as Daudi has initally got you feeling. Track ‘You can do better but I hope you don’t’ gives you an idea of the conflicted emotions that await your ears.