Foxy Female Nu Wave 80s

The new LONG BLONDES record is understandably causing some debate amongst the masses,  is definitely on a different tip and I for one like it. What I really can’t understand is the chit chat around the new GUILLEMOTS track which for me is absolutely maaahhhooooooooosive. I really like ‘Get Over It’ and if you don’t you should.

Finally found out the name of a tune I’ve been hearing out a bit, at least I think I have I might be having another Gnarls Barclay vs Lupe Fiasco moment. Tis the new track from the awesome EBONY BONES, it is exactly that and has a really romantic title for Valentines ‘Don’t Fart On My Heart‘, clearly hope to shift a few copies to the young lovers out there!

Now as I have always had a totally bizarre fondness of tracks featuring the spoken word (hey stop being so judgemental there people out there who like sleeping with monkeys whilst watching the Six O’Clock news) you won’t be surpirsed that the new CHICKS ON SPEED track has caught my attention. Featuring a foxy female nu wave 80s nyc style spoken vocal this sounds very now but simultaneously could have been made in 1984, does that make any sense?? Tis called ‘Art Rules

nml x