From Nicole to the House Music Grand National

So the weekends’ discoveries… its time to take a deep breath as I can’t quite believe I’m going to say this, tempted to put it off indeed but its best to get it out of the way early I guess just like when you’re mum would make you take minging medicine before letting you have a lolly, mars bar and some pickNmix to make up for it – both gastrically and mentally. Ok that’s enough procrastination I’m going to say it.. Yep I like the new Nicole record, yes that would be NICOLE SCHERZINGER from the Pussycat dolls. Undeniable to enjoy aesthetically but actually enjoying her music??

Well all I gotta say is Missy Elliot, not that I’m implying Missy looks like Nicole but Missy’s legendary misleading and untrue track ‘One Minute Man’ did have an undeniable groove and lowest common dominator (in a good way if that ain’t paradoxical) dirt vibe that made it an amazing track despite its feminist propaganda message ; 0 ) Nicole’s ‘Whatever You Like’ is like that and when you again start getting dragged by your mates to cheesy student nights in October it will be on and you will be checking out embarrassing pics on facebook the next day that appear to imply you were a poll dancer in a previous life, and yes that is just the males of our species.

Away from my embarrassing taste in urban music a lot of dance music flying around this weekend in honor of the dance mecca that is Global Gathering. Being a bit of a girl and not really fancying the great outdoors (especially in the wettest country in the world) I have never been but there is no disputing it’s importance in our music scene, not important enough for me to get wet mind but still pretty damn important. Oh and its pretty expensive too although we have of course learnt from Glasto’s Michael Eavis this week that Festival Promoters think we’re all loaded and price doesn’t effect those attending, now we know Mr E is a lovely man but he has clearly suffered the effects of passive smoking a lot of organic cigarettes over Glasto weekend if ya get me. Now back to electronic dance music…

DAVID GUETTA’s ‘Love is Gone’ looks set to join that annual House Music Grand National to be the track of the summer but it has some catching up to do with already chatted about tracks from VAN HELDEN, AXWELL, CREEPS AND FEDDE LE GRAND leading the way. Also a week earlier than predicted it was nice to hear Rosin Murphy live on Radio One (so its not just boys who get over-excited early then). Listening to Tong highlighted how brave and effective RAUL RINCON continues to be with his remixes. Taking on one of those ‘oh no you didn’t you can’t possibly improve it tracks’ he does a DIRTY SOUTH (as in they some how nailed Higher State of Consciousness previously a definite don’t go there) esque effort on ENERGY 52’s classic ‘Cafe Del Mar’. Possibly one of my top ten records of all time and he totally nails it and that is saying something, big up Raul. And big up EYERER AND CHOPSTICK too, I really like their ‘Make My Day’ record, house music with a conscious… watch out tescos.