Fuck Off – No Not You That’s The Name Of The Track

Every now and again I find myself bringing to your attention a track by an artist I really didn’t expect to ever be mentioning. ROBIN THICKE is one of those artists. I can appreciate what he does, he has a great voice but just not my vibe but then I heard new track ‘Magic’ which is a straight out fabulous funky pop song. It’ll sound even better if the sun comes out for any prolonged period of time.

An artist I do enjoy mentioning and sadly haven’t been able to for ages due to his bad back (DnB is so Rock’N’Roll) is LONDON ELECTRICITY. His new track ‘Attack Ships On Fire’ is as massive and fab as you would hope from one of the scene’s top producers. LE’s first material in well over a year is likely to be available digitally pretty pronto.

An artist name that makes me giggle and want to mention it purely on linguistic merit is the beautifully simply offensive FUCK OFF and their fabulously dirty back to 91 track ‘Rave Is King’. It almost transports you back to the early ninety rave days as efficiently as the Tardis and yet there is still something very 2008 about it.

On a slight aside from specific tunes of a Brand Nu nature how much did Jay Z rip up not just Glasto but the UK this weekend? Thanx to the geeks at the beeb you can check him take-over Jonathan Ross as much as he ruled Glastonbury. Noel who?

nml x