Funky House = A Wag

Dance, Dance, Dance…

You may well have had the pleasured of being attacked (in a good way) by the Swedish House Mafia recently. Their track ‘One’ is everywhere and of all the mixes floating around alongside the original I’m feeling PETE JORDAN’s FESTIVAL REMIX the most.

Its gets filthier with HYPER CRUSH’s ‘Ayo’ which is a total banger of a club track. The sort so primeval that it can by-pass your ears, doesn’t matter if they are consciously saying ‘I don’t like this!!!!!’ cause it just goes straight for your gut and metaphorically rips it out (thought I’d clarify just in case ya got scared).

Away from the filth to the skank, the sun, the funk of DONAE’O’s new four to the four piece of musical brilliance. ‘I’m Fly’ is a classically humble piece of Funky House, if a music genre was a person FH would most def be a WAG with in this case Donae’o the footballing husband master.