Genevan Heathen

I’m still rediscovering my festive discoveries if that makes any kinda sense? In particular tracks I missed that never got released or some really limited 156  seven inch Vinyls only release.

Refamiliarising myself via Myspace I’m quite perplexed how any amount of Granny’s sherry could waste me to an extent that I wouldn’t remember the immense noise that is TURBO WOLF. Big, bad and loud ‘Do Me Wrong’ is justifiably the most popular track on their MySpace, I bet these guys would be a lot of fun live.

An artist with links to the legends that are Dan Le Sac and Scroobius Pip (who also have a new track floating around somewhere I believe) is KID CARPET.  Defo got some Dan and Sroob similarities but judging by this track have a bit less clunk, zap and other FisherPrice-Esque funny noises plus a bit more melody. I really like ‘I Don’t Want To Fall In Love With You’, I absolutely love the LOOSE CANNONS MAKE ME SICK Mix.

TEKI LATEX and THE GENEVAN HEATHEN’s ‘Go Go Go’ is an absolutely fabulous and unique track which sounds like its been fried in the groove pan and then tossed into multi-cultural, multi-continental curry dish so groove laden and varied is its sound. Yes I rather like it, please Bobby + Nihal can we have more like this? Pretty please?







GENEVA 17mins in