Genius or Total Wack??

My the goodies ya find wasting time on the internet when the boss ain’t looking! Totally not a Friday song, very much a 5.45am Sat nite/ Sun morning song. ‘Psycho’ by THE ILLUM SPHERE is slow, dark, rumbling musical brilliance. Love this!

Sets the mood nicely (or darkly actually) for a heads up on the new PORTISHEAD song. As disturbing as you’d expect with a really eerie high pitch sounds for the first twenty seconds. Portishead are the musical equivalent of horror films, you don’t know why you put yourself through it. Oh yes you do, cause they’re amazing. (and in this case it’s all for a fab cause Amnesty International).

Lets change the tone with some insightful conscious rap over wacky fisher price beats courtesy of DAN LE SAC vs SCROOBIUS PIP. I’m still unsure if this is genius or totally wack, currently leaning towards the former hence sharing with you. But that could change!






PIP 5 mins in