Getting Seduced By The Label Propaganda

PAUL WELLER has made some weird shit on his new monster 22 track album (ever get the feeling musicians are really trying to justify still charging us a tenner for their uniquely encoded bits of plastic compatic disc?). Stand out classic Weller for me is ‘Rip Up The Pages’.

COOL KIDS are back round again with their ‘new’ track ’88’. I’m sure its been around before but its still being pushed as Brand Nu so lets allow ourselves to be seduced by the label propaganda cause I’m loving the gritty funk of the track.

AXWELL, BOB SINCLAR and RON CARROLL is quite a House Music combo. If it wasn’t for Bob’s recent flirtations with the edam you’d be guaranteed a stormer but Mr Sinclar’s recent musical infedelities mean I wasn’t quite sure when I first heard about this combo, on hearing it I was assured that ‘What A Wonderful World’ is a total cracker, real meloncholy up-lifting feel… Clearly time on the Swedish coast has done Bob good (PS If you get the chance see Ron Carroll DJ he’s one of those nutters that DJs and sings at the same time, who says boys can’t multi-task Sonique).

nml x