I do like a good beat, I do, I do, I do. So this new track from GIGGS, love him or loathe, ya gotta acknowledge that is a phat/ sick/ insert your own urban dictionary tastic word of choice, beat. And when you got a beat that huge, you can’t really go wrong. And so we have the situation where I, not exactly known for my underworld connections, recommend you check out ‘(Is It Gangsta) Yes, Yes, Yes’. Yes I do.

Speaking of beats of a more than optimum quality have you ever checked out any New Music by WARREN XCLNCE? Hooking up with Etta Bond on vocals ‘Examine Me’ is something very special. Seductive as fuck, this is a song that just oozes the best sexual experience of your life. Cause when I say it’s sexy I don’t mean a bling, bling twerk it Naffly Cyrus kinda way. I mean in a teasingly slow, tantric, loved up but still sexually open minded best sex ever kinda way. You may have guessed I’m quite taken with this track. And we haven’t got started on the lyrics. Sauce.

Speaking of sauce, speaking of ‘optimum quality’ (yeah I know, I know makes em sound like a piece of German engineering or an Ikea meatball) the debut LONDON GRAMMAR album is special. The best looking band in the world (sorry I forget I’m not on the Radio One breakfast show we shouldn’t mention looks) are not just the owners of three incredible sets of cheekbones but the proud Mama and Papas of a really beautiful, haunting and at moments saucy debut collection of songs. Their actual Mamas and Papas must be very proud.





WARREN EXCLNCE (1st track):