Good Sax

Two tunes really caught my attention whilst on the dancefloor this weekend. The urban equivalent of Sinden’s Beeper being the first. I describe it as such not cause it sounds anything like Beeper, neither does it seek inspiration in a very 90s form of communication but just like Beeper it’s been around a while, I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it back in the past but as

a) I still haven’t got a search feature so can’t find out

b) its destined to finally be properly released eventually in 08

it is just about in keeping with the Brand Nu rules to give it a mention. ENUR’s ‘Calibria‘ is incredibly funky and yes it does use that infamous sax sample, arguably even more provoctively and effectively than the house version.

The second tune also has more than a whiff of recycled back round again aroma, always dangerous for the remixer in question but an admirable nod to the need to recycle in these environmentally aware days. AZZIDO DA BASS is a track that tickle’s my top 10 of all times at certain moments, namely dark winter ones to be frank. Gives you an idea in how high esteem I hold the track and it would take someone of SWITCH’s prowess to do it justice. When that legendary ‘Wish, Wish, Wish’ came on I did go a little silly and when the heat of the remix dropped I was pleasantly surprised not to feel the need to stop dead and looked disgusted, ‘Dooms Night 2008‘ is as good as ever.

Catching some DnB on the way home from a relatively early night I heard a couple of cracking tunes thanks to which ever one of Fabio and Grooverider was hosting the show (isn’t one in jail or something at the mo??). The tunes in question were the really blissed out kinda Johny L style DJ KLARX  ‘Trying To Get To Know You’.

And also what I am now christening ‘Man From Uncle DnB’ because it has loads of funky little 1960s tv sounding samples (emm maybe that should be ‘Carry On DnB’, has more of a ring to it), the fabulous CHASE STATUS – BRAZIL. Love this!

nml x