The GORGON CITY REMIX of Clean Bandit’s ‘Nightingale’ is right up my electronic avenue. Sounding totally 2012 but also with more than a hint of Sarf Landan ‘98 it’s got the groove, it’s got the swagger and it’s got the aloofness of that hottie who keeps ignoring you.

I saw TOM ODELL live last week, he delivered a  performance that’s near impossible to describe without reverting to phrases you’ll have heard so many times their meaning is devalued, the linguistic equivalent of mass money printing. So at risk of being labelled a music reviewing Mugabe his voice is epic, his performance as spine tingling as you’d imagine from the record and he is no way an ‘Another Love’ one hit wonder. I must add also as a lover of strong woman I’d love to meet the girl in his video, wow to the zer.

KAPPA GAMMA are destined for big things (oops another cliché). For me a big sign of a band on the up is when at every gig you hear a new track that’s as good as anything they’ve written before, and that is very much the case with KG. Just back from their first tour (which I suspect will have tightened up the performance of the afore mentioned collection of ever improving tracks) if forced to pick a fav I’d say ‘Just Another’, obviously this will change when I next see them.




TOM ODELL – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MwpMEbgC7DA

CLEAN BANDIT – http://soundcloud.com/i-d-online-1/clean-bandit-nightingale

KAPPA GAMMA – http://soundcloud.com/kappa-gamma