GREECE – My Head Hurts

If everyone is in debt who’s owed the money? I just don’t get it.

I owe money, you owe money, Greece owes money. In monopoly if I was poor it meant you were loaded. In 2011 being the richest country in the world equates to being able to borrow the most, and so being in the biggest debt! What America you’re ‘rich’? Ok we’ll lend you some more money. But who is ‘we’? And how can they have more money than the entity that’s supposedly the richest?? My head really fucking hurts.

And don’t just say China, I’m not buying that. It’s the answer to everything these days ‘China’, just like that ‘The Kumars At No 42’ TV programme where the answer to everything was ‘India’, but this time saying China, yeah exactly the same as that.

Research the US’s debt and yes China is top but closely followed by Japan, which itself owe’s nearly its whole GDP in debt, and even Ireland is owed money by America! ‘Brokest country in the world’ Ireland!! So everyone owes money to each other. Which implies everyone is in debt or actually no one’s in debt cause everyone’s debt is countered by the debt owed to them by others! Aahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And we haven’t even started on how much of this money is just printed off under the cover of the fancy term ‘Quantative Easing’, in Zimbabwe it’s called reckless printing of money doomed to lead to financial melt-down, in the ‘West’ its called QE. It’s just printing paper man. Simples.

Gotta tell ya I feel a whole load of dominoes are going to start falling, and falling hard.

Take cover Comrades, this could get nasty.