Groove and Reverends

There is pretty much always at least one House track (and normally of a very funky disposition) that stands our from my weekend activities and it was as such the weekend the Fri/Sat/Sun just passed. My stand out piece of 4/4 this weekend being the CRAZY COUSINS  Remix of Jazmine Sullivan and ‘Needing You Bad’, a nice funky, slighlty tribal number.

Two totally contrasting tracks that I wanna mention share something with each other and the Crazy Cousins track… groove. The new LL COOL J has a definite groove. Now admittingly experieincing it at the mo currently means tolerating Miley Cyrus and friends, but I think ‘Baby’ is worth it… just.

And then there is the New REVEREND AND THE MAKERS track I heard seeing them live the other day. Can’t find any evidence of what ‘???’ is but it has a crazy ass horn thing that had everyone singing along even though five minutes before they’d never heard the track. But I actually wanna talk about something else REVEREND related and its not just what an amazing performer he is, in fact it really needs its own post!

nml x