Heard some good tunes over the weekend. Groove Arm…

Heard some good tunes over the weekend. Groove Armada were covering from Pete Tong again the lucky buggers but fair dues they are the best cover guests by a million miles, in fact they could teach a few so called radio professionals a few tricks.. did you hear it when they let Sara Cox loose? Yes it was funny… for about ten minutes then just annoying and what about Bob Sinclar? Edam ain’t even the start of it! Anywho back to the tunes we got to hear some interesting GA bits as they plugged the hell out of both their new album and their Lovebox Festival which I must admit I’ve never made it to. My highlight was prob the Boris Dulugosch remix of the single Song for Mutya. Whilst I’ve never been a fan of anything involving Sugar Babes old or new Boris is an old fav and who into UK dance doesn’t love GA so this was always likely to be a winner. BUT BUT BUT the big tune for me was Kissy Sell-Out does riverdance, his ‘Harriet’ track is incredible well it seems a strange word but innovative, its just so different/ out and out random I’m not sure if I actually like but I do admire it if that makes sense? This week’s Essential New Tune a Riton remix of the much admired Aliens is also pretty tasty.

Out on the rainy streets of London Wildchild was fun and put some tracks in a new perspective. You know how some tunes you just don’t get till you hear in a club or at a gig, well the great outdoors (or should that be kinda outdoors?) gives things a whole different perspective. I still think this Paul Woolford remix of Van Helden’s legendary Tori Amos mix is a joke (in terms of being exactly the same) but it just sounds so good even Brand Nu Towers is going to allow it and as for the Elektrons and Joy? What a gorgeous beautiful song. Their album is out in August.

A very dancey weekend as you can gather, I clearly need an indie fix this week